Various Artists Compilation CD Bill Watrous Memorial 2019 Soundboard

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First set - Disc 1 Gary Urwin Jazz Orchestra Sax section: Bob Sheppard, Alex Budman, Phil Feather, Sam Morgan & John Mitchell Trombone section: Alan Kaplan, Charlie Loper, Linda Small-Christlieb & Rich Bullock Trumpet section: Jeff Bunnell, Dave Richards, Walt Johnson, Carl Saunders & John Thomas Rhythm section: Christian Jacob-piano, Jeff Takiguchi-bass, Frank Browne-guitar, Ralph Razze-drums & Chris Rios-percussion with guests soloists: Pete Christlieb, Scott Whitfield & Aric Schneller 01. Introduction 02. No More Blues 03. Look To The Sky 04. Theme From Chinatown 05. Band introductions/welcome Aric 06. This One's For Jangles - with guest Aric Schneller 07. Waltz for Debby 08. Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry 09. Kindred Spirits [58:27] Second set - Disc 2 The Bill Watrous Refuge West Alumni Band under the direction of Bob McChestney Bob Sheppard-sax Chad Wackerman-drums Randy Drake-drums Phil Feather-lead alto sax Brian Scanlon Rob Lockhart John Mitchell-sax Matt Fronke-lead trumpet Jeff Bunnell-trumpet Steve Huffsteter Ron Stout Scott Whitfield-trombone Eric Hughes-trombone Rich Bullock Richie Eames-piano Jennifer Leitham-bass 01. It Was Changed 02. Rhythm Samba 03. It'll Count If It Goes 04. The Road Goes Ever Onward 05. A Time For Love 06. ??-?? 07. ??-?? [61:30]