Billy Joel 2019-05-09 CD New York City Audience

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Setlist: 2:28:05 01. Intro 02. Big Shot 03. My Life (Birthday Shoutout from Pink) 04. Vienna 05. The Longest Time (Birthday Shoutout from Brian Johnson) 06. The Downeaster Alexa 07. The Entertainer 08. Don't Ask Me Why (Birthday shoutout from Garth Brooks) 09. Satisfaction/Start Me Up 10. Keeping the Faith 11. New York State of Mind (with Alexa Ray Joel) (Followed by Alexa Ray Joel singing Happy Birthday) 12. She's Always a Woman 13. Allentown 14. Show Me the Way (with Peter Frampton) 15. Baby, I Love Your Way (with Peter Frampton) 16. Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) 17. I Go to Extremes (Birthday shoutout from Don Henley) 18. Sometimes a Fantasy 19. Only the Good Die Young (Birthday shoutout from Paul McCartney) 20. The River of Dreams 21. Nessun Dorma (With Mike DelGuidice on vocals) 22. Scenes From an Italian Restaurant 23. Piano Man 24. Encore Break 25. We Didn't Start the Fire 26. Uptown Girl 27. It's Still Rock and Roll to Me 28. You May Be Right (with Peter Frampton)


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