Frequently Asked Questions

Question : Download Link not received.
Answer : I usually send download links within 24 hour of receiving payment via email as well as through the website order system. If for some reason you do not get my emails, please log into your account and select the "orders" tab from the my account menu at the right upper edge of the page. Here is a quick tutorial on how to proceed with download links.

Question : I sent you an email and did not hear back.
Answer : I always answer emails within 12-24 hours. Please note some emails might go straight to junk/spam folder. Some emails don't even make it to the junk/spam folder as they are blocked at the server level by internet service providers to combat spam, false positive are inevitable. So, the best way to communicate is through the internal orders message system of the website.

Question : I have a question about my order.
Answer : The best way to communicate is through the internal orders message system of the website.

Question : I sent a check a little while ago, did you receive it?
Answer : I process orders as soon as the check clears, which also sends you a confirmation email. Please note letters can sometimes take a little more than 2 weeks to get to destination.

Question : How does the digital download procedure work?
Answer : After payment is received, I'll send you a link to your MP3s, FLACs or MP4s. Please note MP3s and FLACs are sent in a compressed ZIP file like so : Download Link Example

Question : Which payment methods do you accept?
Answer : Please submit your order on the website and I'll reply with all payment methods accepted and details on how to pay.

Question : Will you get this particular item soon?
: All items available are already listed on the website. I cannot predict if or when a specific concert will appear on my radar, but I will keep my eyes opened and put them on the website as soon as I get my hands on them.

Question : About DVD Formats (PAL and NTSC).
Answer : DVDs come in 2 different formats. PAL (for European DVD players) and NTSC (for North American DVD players). The rule of thumb is if the DVD listed is of a north American city, the format will more likely be NTSC and vice versa for PAL. If you are  in the US, please note I always make sure I send NTSC formatted DVDs. If the item you ordered is natively PAL, I will make the conversion to NTSC before sending it out to you. Please note some DVD players are pickier than others and this means some DVD players will not play converted DVDs. Don't be alarmed just yet, as more than 80% of converted DVDs do play properly. If you were to get a converted DVD that does not play in your player, we will work something out.

Question : Do your items all come with artwork?
Answer : Please note artwork is as displayed. Some items have a generic blue guitar as artwork, and some are custom made.

Question : I have never seen your items for sale anywhere else, how come?
Answer : All items on RockinConcerts are not commercially available in normal stores. The items you see on this page are very rare recordings made by the fans for the fans.