Bob Dylan Compilation CD Faithful Unreleased Recordings 1983 1984 Audience

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Don't Fly Unless It's Safe (Outtake) Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight (Outtake) Man Of Peace (Live - Offenbach, 1984) Sweetheart Like You #1 (Outtake) Jokerman (David Letterman Show, 1984) Dirty Lie (Unreleased) I & I (Outtake) Don't Start Me Talkin' (David Letterman Show, 1984) To Each His Own (Unreleased) Treat Her Right (Letterman Rehearsal) This Was My Love #2 (Outtake) Enough Is Enough(Live - Barcelona, 1984) Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart (Outtake) Julius And Ethel (Outtake) Tell Me (Outtake) Almost Done #2 (Unreleased) Union Sundown (Outtake) Blind Willie McTell (Outtake) License To Kill (David Letterman Show, 1984) Dark Groove (Outtake)


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