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David Bromberg And Arlo Guthrie 1985-06-10 CD Tuscon Soundboard

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Disc 1: Bromberg's set: 01. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down > 02. Fiddle Tunes Medley 03. Long Tall Mama 04. Dyin' Crapshooter's Blues 05. That's The Way That The World Goes 'Round 06. Love To Love You Blues 07. Spanish Johnny 08. /Lonesome Roving Wolves 09. Dying Cub Fan's Last Request 10. Fiddle Jam > Fiddle/Guitar Jam (with Arlo on guitar) Arlo's set: 11. Motorcycle Song (with David on guitar) 12. Do-Re-Mi (with David on guitar) 13. Down On The American Farm (with David on guitar) 14. Pretty Boy Floyd (with David on guitar) Disc 2: 1. Guitar Jam (with David on guitar) 2. Little Bunny Song 3. All Over The World 4. Mom, Your Universal Love Is Such A Drag 5. Inch By Inch 6. Arlo's Tuning Arrows and Other Stories 7. Alice's Restaurant 8. City of New Orleans (with David on guitar) 9. St. Louis Tickle > Jam (with David on guitar) Encore: 10. Stealin' (with David on vocals and guitar) d1t1 Is A Little Rough At The Beginning



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