Fleetwood Mac 1979-10-20 CD Los Angeles Soundboard

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**Any references (if any) to DVD, Menu or image quality are to be dismissed as this item was originally a DVD, now converted to a normal audio CD.** 1.01Say You Love Me1.02The Chain1.03Oh Well1.04Dreams1.05Not That Funny1.06Rhiannon,1.07Over and Over1.08The Ledge1.09Sara1.10What Makes You Think You're The One1.11Save Me A Place1.12Landslide1.13Oh Daddy1.14Angel1.15You Make Loving Fun1.16I'm So Afraid1.17World Turning1.18Go Your Own Way1.19Tusk1.20Sisters Of The Moon #11.21Sisters Of The Moon #21.22I Know I'm Not Wrong1.23Songbird


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