Ian Siegal 2012-04-13 DVD Lieden Audience

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Disc One (01:19:15)1. Kingdom Come2. High Horse3. Who's Gonna Take My Damn Soul 4. Reeling' And Rockin'>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the video start here , camera problem / Reeling' And Rockin'5. Rant about filming6. The Skinny7. Hound Dog In the Manger 8. Drowned My Sorrows-> When The Saints tease9. Early Grace10. Talk11. Hard-Pressed12. Mortal Coil Shuffle13. RevelatorDisc Two (55:44)1. Crowd2. Hard Times Come Again No More 3. Sugar Rush4. Falling On Down5. I Can't Believe You Wanna Go6. Encore applause7. Baby Let Me Follow You Down 8. Forever Young 9. Baby Let Me Follow You Down 10. Rap about Warren Zevon11. Werewolves of London