Led Zeppelin Compilation CD Best Of The Studio Outtakes 5 Soundboard

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01-In The Evening (alt. mix) 02-South Bound Saurez (alt. mix) - not on the Studio Magik set 03-Fool In The Rain (drum track) 04-Fool In The Rain (take 2) 05-Hot Dog (alt. mix) 06-Carouselambra (rehearsal) 07-Carouselambra (take 2) 08-All My Love (full length version) 09-Fire (Say You Gonna Leave Me) 10-Ozone Baby (take 1, drum track) 11-Ozone Baby (take 2, drum track) 12-Ozone Baby (alt. edit) 13-Darlene (alt. mix) 14-Wearing And Tearing (drum track) 15-Wearing And Tearing (alt. mix)


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