Muse 2019-10-06 DVD Rock In Rio Proshot

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Setlist Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version; shortened) Pressure [Drill Sergeant] Psycho Uprising (Extended intro and outro) Propaganda Plug In Baby Pray (High Valyrian) (Matthew Bellamy song) The Dark Side Supermassive Black Hole (with 'Close Encounters' intro) Thought Contagion Interlude Hysteria (Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” snippet outro) The 2nd Law: Unsustainable Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Version) STT Interstitial 1 Madness Mercy Time Is Running Out Prelude Starlight STT Interstitial 2 Algorithm STT Interstitial 3 Stockholm Syndrome / Assassin / Reapers / The Handler / New Born (with Deftones "Headup" outro) Knights of Cydonia (Ennio Morricone's "Man with a Harmonica" intro)


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