Nils Lofgren 1997-03-16 CD Baltimore Soundboard

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Disc 1: 1.Everybody Wants 2.You 3.Blue Skies 4.Man In The Moon 5.Sticks And Stones 6.I'll Fight For You 7.Wonderland 8.Like Rain 9.Keith Don't Go 10.White Lies 11.Shot At You 12.I'll Arise 13.Believe Disc 2: 1.Goin' Back 2.All Out 3.The Sun Hasn't Set (On This Boy Yet) 4.Black Books 5.Valentine 6.Moontears 7.Dalmation 8.Little On Up 9.Mud In Your Eye 10.No Mercy ENCORE 1: 11.I Don't Wanna Talk About It 12.Shine Silently ENCORE 2: 13.I Came To Dance