Richard Thompson 2019-09-30 CD London Audience

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CD1 1. Intro Richard Thompson Trio with Zara Phillips 2. The Storm Won't Come 3. Introduction of Jack Thompson and Hugh Cornwell 4. Tobacco Road (with Hugh Cornwell) 5. Intro 6. Peaches (with Hugh Cornwell) 7. The Most Beautiful Girl in Hollywood (with Hugh Cornwell) 8. Introduction of Ashley Hutchings and Blair Dunlop 9. Blues In My Bottle (with Ashley Hutchings and Blair Dunlop) 10. Introduction of Dave Mattacks and Zac Hobbs->Ashley's Diary 11. Jack O' Diamonds 12. Introduction of Dave Pegg 13. Down Where the Drunkards Roll (with Dave Pegg) 14. Introduction of Bob Mould 15. Turning Of The Tide (with Bob Mould) 16. If I Can't Change Your Mind (with Bob Mould) 17. Introduction of Kate Rusby 18. Withered And Died (with Kate Rusby) 19. Intro 20. As The Lights Go Out (with Kate Rusby) 21. Introduction of Marc Ellington, Danny Thompson, Eliza Carthy and Alistair Anderson 22. The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie (with Marc Ellington, Danny Thompson, Eliza Carthy and Alistair Anderson) 23. Introduction of Martin Carthy 24. Fare Thee Well (with Martin Carthy) 25. Introduction of Marry Waterson 26. Fine Horseman (with Marry Waterson) 27. Introduction of Eliza Carthy 28. The Great Valerio (with Eliza Carthy) 29. Intro 30. Hug You Like A Mountain (with Eliza Carthy and Teddy Thompson) CD2 1. Intro 2. Beeswing (with Alistair Anderson) 3. Madame Bonaparte (with Alistair Anderson) 4. Introduction of Teddy Thompson 5. Persuasion (with Teddy Thompson) 6. Introduction of Christine Collister 7. Ghosts in the Wind (with Christine Collister, Danny Thompson and Dave Mattacks) 8. Intro 9. Sweetheart On The Barricade 10. Introduction of Olivia Chaney 11. Who Knows Where The Time Goes? (with Olivia Chaney) 12. Intro 13. House On the Hill (Olivia Chaney solo) 14. Introduction of Maddy Prior 15. Sheath And Knife (with Maddy Prior) 16. Intro 17. Grey Funnel Line (with Maddy Prior and Teddy Thompson) 18. Introduction of Kami Thompson and James Walbourne CD3 1. Keep Your Distance (with Kami Thompson and James Walbourne) 2. Introduction of Linda Thompson 3. That's Enough (with entire Thompson Family) 4. Introduction of Judith Owen 5. Cry Me A River (with Judith Owen) 6. Introduction of Derek Smalls 7. She Puts The Bitch in Obituary (with Derek Smalls) 8. Introduction of Loudon Wainwright III 9. The Swimming Song (with Loudon Wainwright III) 10. I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight (with Loudon Wainwright III) 11. Introduction of David Gilmour 12. Dimming Of The Day (with David Gilmour) 13. Fat Old Sun (with David Gilmour) 14. Crowd 15. Meet On The Ledge (with Everyone including Simon Nicol) 16. Outro


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