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Rolling Stones Compilation CD Abkco Copyright Preservation Soundboard

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CD 01 TV 1966-1968 (Copyright Preservation) (01) 19th Nervous Breakdown [1966-02-13, Ed Sullivan] (02) As Tears Go By [1966-02-13, Ed Sullivan] (03) I Am Waiting [1966-05-27, Ready Steady Go!] (04) Under My Thumb [1966-05-27, Ready Steady Go!] (05) Paint It Black [1966-05-27, Ready Steady Go!] (06) Paint It, Black [1966-09-11, Ed Sullivan] (07) Lady Jane [1966-09-11, Ed Sullivan] (08) Have You Seen Your Mother [1966-09-11, Ed Sullivan] (09) Let's Spend the Night Together [1967-01-25, Top of the Pops] (10) Ruby Tuesday [1967-01-15, Ed Sullivan rehearsal] (11) Let's Spend the Night Together [1967-01-15, Ed Sullivan rehearsal] (12) Ruby Tuesday [1967-01-15, Ed Sullivan] (13) Let's Spend the Night Together [1967-01-15, Ed Sullivan] (14) Sympathy for the Devil [1968-11-29, Frost on Saturday] (15) Gimme Shelter [1978 Woodstock rehearsal] - shared by ABKCO by mistake CD 02 Best of the Copyright Preservations 1 (01) 19th Nervous Breakdown [alternate version] (02) Mother's Little Helper [alternate version] (03) Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow [alternate version] (04) Sometime Happy, Sometimes Blue [early Dandelion] (05) Bill's Tune [instrumental, early In Another Land] (06) Acid in the Grass [instrumental, early In Another Land] (07) She's a Rainbow [Top of the Pops version] (08) Pay Your Dues [early Street Fighting Man] (09) Mickey Mouse Blues [early Child of the Moon] (10) Jumpin' Jack Flash [promo film 'yeah-yeah' version] (11) Dear Doctor [alternate version] (12) Family [demo] (13) Sympathy for the Devil [alternate take] (14) Family [alternate intro and mix version] (15) Jumpin' Jack Flash [promo film live vocal version] CD 03 Best of the Copyright Preservations 2 (01) Stray Cat Blues [instrumental] (02) Sympathy for the Devil [Circus rehearsal] (03) Ruby Tuesday [Circus rehearsal] (04) Gimme Shelter [alternate vocals] (05) Love In Vain [blusier version] (06) Country Honk [instrumental] (07) Let It Bleed [instrumental] (08) Midnight Rambler [instrumental] (09) You Got the Silver [Jagger on Vocals] (10) Gimme Shelter [Richards on vocals] (11) Honky Tonk Women [alternate lyrics] (12) You Can't Always Get What You Want - choir sessions EDIT (13) Wild Horses [with strings and glass harmonica] (14) Sister Morphine [early version] (15) Brown Sugar [alternate mix - Hot Rocks 1st pressing] (16) Wild Horses [alternate mix - Hot Rocks 1st pressing]



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