Sun Ra 1985-08-06 CD Lewiston Soundboard

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total time 75:43 Sun Ra (p, voc) Ronnie Brown (tp) Al Evans (fig) Tyrone Hill (tb, voc) Marshall Allen (as, fl, EVI, perc) John Gilmore (ts, cl, timb) Ronald Wilson (ts, picc) Danny Ray Thompson (bars, fl, EVI, perc) Eloe Omoe (as, bcl, cacl, perc) James Jacson (bsn, fl, Inf-d, voc) Bruce Edwards (eg) Rollo Radford (eb) John Ore (b) Avreeayl Amen Ra (d) June Tyson (voc, dance) 1 untitled improvisation [Evans, fig; Ore, arco b; Radford, eb; perc; 2 EVIs and brass; Allen, as joins in] 2 A Different Horizon (Ra) [JT voc] 3 Discipline 27-11 (Ra) / Children of the Sun (Ra) [SR, ens voc] 4 untitled improvisation [cond ens; Avreeayl, d solo] 5 unidentified ballad (Ra) [p; Allen, as] 6 Queer Notions (Hawkins) 7 Sunset on the Nile (Ra) [SR, ens voc] 8 unidentified blues (Ra) [p; riffs; Ore, arco b; Radford, eb; Wilson, ts; Edwards, eg; p] 9 If the People of Earth Don’t Really Care (Ra) [SR, ens voc] 10 Mack the Knife (Brecht-Weill-Blitzstein) [JJ voc; SR, JJ voc] 11 stage chatter


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