Sun Ra Arkestra Compilation CD The Alvin Tapes 1985 Soundboard

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total time 361:12 Set 1 t01_Untitled Improvisation (inf-d, drums) t02_History Mystery / I Have Many Names / I Am Sin t03_Discipline 27-II / You've Lost Your Way / Imagination / Somewhere There t04_Untitled Improvisation t05_Unidentified Ballad (p, eg, as) t06_Big John Special t07_Lights On A Satellite t08_Prelude To A Kiss t09_Standard Composition t10_Mack The Kinfe Set 2 t01_Never Never Land / The Sun Is On His Way / Door To The Cosmos t02_Discipline 27 t03_Nuclear War t04_Prelude To A Kiss t05_Unidentified Blues t06_Limehouse Blues t07_I Dream Too Much t08_Shadow World t09_East Of The Sun t10_Brother Can You Spare A Dime (P. Alvin - Vocals) t11_Yeah Man! t12_They Plan To Leave (fades) Set 3 t01_Phil Alvin Tune t02_Phil Alvin Tune t03_Phil Alvin Tune Arkestra: t04_Unidentified Improvisation (inf-d; then b, tb, fl featured in rythmic bass line) t05_A Lost Horizon t06_Discipline 27-II / Imagination / Somewhere There / I'll Wait For You t07_Nuclear War t08_Standard Composition t09_Queer Notions t10_Love In Outer Space t11_Unidentified Improvisation (Drum Solo) t12_Over The Rainbow t13_Space Is The Place / We Travel The Spaceways / Rocket Number Nine Set 4 t01_Captain Smith (P. Alvin - Vocals) t02_Peety Wheat Straw (P. Alvin - Vocals) Arkestra: t03_Untitled Improvisation t04_Tapestry From An Asteroid t05_Discipline 27-II / Children Of The Sun t06_I Have Many Names / I Am Sin t07_East Of The Sun t08_Limehouse Blues t09_Prelude To A Kiss (Fades Out) t10_Queer Notions (Fades In) t11_Unidentified Blues t12_Ellington Tune t13_Brother Can You Spare A Dime (P. Alvin - Vocals) t14_Yeah Man! t15_Space Is The Place / We Travel The Spaceways / Rocket Number Nine / Second Stop Is Jupiter / Outer Spaceways Inc. / Saturn Rings / Neptune / Sea Of Immortality / On Jupiter t16_I Want To Be Happy Set 5 t01_Prelude To A Kiss t02_Shadow World t03_Sunset On The Nile t04_I Dream Too Much


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