Taj Mahal Quartet 2019-07-19 CD Trumansburg Soundboard

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t01 -intro- t02 Good Morning Miss Brown t03 Done Changed My Way Of Living t04 Cakewalk Into Town t05 Fishin' Blues t06 -when you fill out the card- t07 Queen Bee t08 Bring It With You When You Come t09 Roscoe's Mule Down In Roscoe's Barn t10 -crowd- t11 CC Rider t12 Checkin' Up On My Baby t13 -broken piano blues- t14 Sleepwalk t15 -band intros- t16 Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes t17 Stagger Lee t18 Take A Giant Step t19 Everybody Is Somebody t20 -crowd and outro-


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