Van Morrison Compilation CD Outtakes 1970S Soundboard

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1. Diabolic Pressure aka Not Working For You 2. You Move Me 3. Don't Change on Me 4. Down To Earth 5. Feedback on Highway 101 6. It Hurts to Want It So Bad 7. Naked in the Jungle version 2 (shorter but slower, harp no sax) 8. Tell me About Your Love (studio--live version was released) 9. There There Child (live--studio version released) 10. Street Only Knew Your Name version 2 (longer, no backing vocals, prominent horns) 11. Street Theory (version 2--extremely fast) 12. Misty (TV) (live with George Benson--can anyone upgrade this???) 13. Stormy Monday (with The Band) 14. Who Do You Love (with The Band) 15. Goodnight Irene 16. Wild Side of Life aka Honky Tonk Angels 17. Spare Me a Little (duet with Jackie DeShannon) 18. Grits Ain't Groceries


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