Various Artists Compilation CD Anti Nuclear And Disarmament Rally 1982 Soundboard

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Jackson Browne Gary US Bonds Bruce Springsteen James Taylor Linda Ronstadt Joy Ryder Avis Davis Bonnie Raitt Graham Nash Carly Simon John Hall Joan Baez 01 For Everyman (Jackson Browne) 02 The Pretender (Jackson Browne & Gary US Bonds) 03 Imagine (Joan Baez) 04 Promised Land (Jackson Browne & Bruce Springsteen) 05 Running on Empty (Jackson Browne & Bruce Springsteen) 06 backstage 07 Tumbling Dice (Linda Ronstadt) 08 Blue Bayou (Linda Ronstadt) 09 It's In His Kiss (Linda Ronstadt) 10 Desperado (Linda Ronstadt) 11 Heatwave (Linda Ronstadt) 12 Living In The USA (Linda Ronstadt) 13 backstage 14 That Lonesome Road (James Taylor) 15 You've Got a Friend (James Taylor) 16 Band Introductions 17 Up On The Roof (James Taylor) 18 Stand and Fight (James Taylor) 19 No More Nukes (Joy Ryder & Avis Davis) 20 Plutonium Is Forever (John Hall) 21 Power (with Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash & Carly Simon) 22 Get Together Total Time = 95:10 min


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