Bob Dylan Compilation CD Mo Mercy Audience

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01. Political World (Glasgow 3rd February 1991).mp3 02. Where Teardrops Fall (Manchester 3rd April 1995).mp3 03. Everything is Broken (Portsmouth 25th September 2000).mp3 04. Ring Them Bells (Dublin 13th September 2000).mp3 05. Man in the Long Black Coat (Prague 11th March 1995).mp3 06. Most of the Time (San Jose 9th May 1992).mp3 07. What Good Am I (Stockholm 13th October 2013).mp3 08. Disease of Conceit (London 8th February 1990).mp3 09. What Was It You Wanted (Edinburgh 6th April 1995).mp3 10. Shooting Star (Philadelphia 11th September 1999).mp3 11. Dignity (Fuengirola 4th May 2019).mp3 12. Born in Time (Pullman 21st March 2000).mp3 13 God Knows (Lowell 11th November 2000).mp3 14. Series of Dreams (Hiroshima 12th April 1994).mp3


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