Bob Dylan Compilation CD Things Are Breaking Up Out There Audience

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01. The Wicked Messenger (London 5th October 2000).mp3 02. Senor (Tales of Yankee Power) (Ithaca 15th November 199 03. Trail of the Buffalo (Portland 3rd July 1988).mp3 04. High Water (For Charley Patton) (New York 19th November 05. Forgetful Heart (Tokyo 7th April 2014).mp3 06. Everything is Broken (Portsmouth 25th September 2000).m 07. Love Sick (Detroit 15th May 2015).mp3 08. Boots of Spanish Leather (Braunschweig 6th July 2019).m 09. Disease of Conceit (London 8th February 1990).mp3 10. Million Miles (London 24 November 2003).mp3 11. Tears of Rage (Birmingham 2nd April 1995).mp3 12. Standing in the Doorway (London 6th October 2000).mp3 13. Dignity (Fuengirola 4th May 2019).mp3 14. Man in the Long Black Coat (Prague 11th March 1995).mp3 15. It Ain't Me, Babe (Palo Alto 14th October 2019).mp3 16. Series of Dreams (Hiroshima 12th April 1994).mp3 17. Delia (Regensburg 25th May 2000).mp3 18. Visions of Johanna (Dublin 27th November 2005).mp3 19. Lonesome Day Blues (New York 19th November 2001).mp3 20. Pay in Blood (Minneapolis 5th November 2014).mp3 21. Shelter from the Storm (Prague 11th March 1995).mp3 22. Early Roman Kings (Chicago 30th October 2019).mp3 23. Not Dark Yet (Irvine 11th October 2019).mp3


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